Programme of events published and latest blog posts

10 02 2015

The 2015 KNW programme of events for knowledge workers in the West Country is available now.

New posts from Knowledge4lawyers

Another reason your database may not be working

Injecting serendipity and conversation into the KM strategy mix through RCTs

Embed yourself?

And a bit more about RCTs


KM Legal, effective writing & the Handbook owners club

7 07 2014

Latest blog posts from Knowledge4lawyers

*New* the KM Handbook owners’ club

A new club for those who already own the KM Handbook and would like to connect more closely with the author and other handbook owners, with freebies, exclusive offers and meet-ups.

Effective writing for knowledge databases

Knowledge databases risk becoming knowledge graveyards. If you need to have a lot of knowledge captured as documents, learn a method of writing to maximise reader interest.

CLT training day announced

Join me for “Knowledge Management in law firms – the works” 24th September. There are also two great CLT offers available  – an early bird special if you book it before the end of July and free 3 month membership for all those who book training days before the end of September.

A reading round-up

A few articles, papers and blog posts I’ve been reading recently.

KM Legal 2014

A few thoughts about day 2.

Recent blog posts

26 02 2014

From Knowledge4lawyers

Change – how can Knowledge Teams manage?

AAL for families (Friday Fun)

Why do some lawyers share knowledge?

From 5 ideas to

improve your post-event learning

be more human in your work twitter

use twitter efficiently

annoy your connections on LinkedIn

work your blog content

find the right connections on LinkedIn

blog posts to Sept 2013

13 09 2013

KM measurement – details of my presentation coming to Ark’s PSL conference in November.

How to be Human, a guide for lawyers – the value of trying to be more human in your online interactions.

Free LinkedIn Checklist – a 15 point plan to make sure your LinkedIn profile is tip-top.

Process design and mapping – a 101 for lawyers new to process design.

And, 5 ideas to …

make your marketing more bespoke

improve your processes

find the right connections on LinkedIn

work your blog content

annoy your connections on LinkedIn

use twitter efficiently

be more human in your twitter account

January’s blog posts

17 01 2013

How are your resolutions going?

A look at Kaizen and how a continual journey of small improvements can add up to big changes to legal practice.

November & December’s blog posts

4 12 2012

Personal After Action Learning

After Action Learning (AAL) is a great way of learning, but many law firms struggle to implement these systems, which often degenerate into a form-filling/box-ticking exercise, with little reflection or learning and even less high level analysis and dissemination.  There are many reasons why this happens: the chargeable hours problem; hierarchical structures; a reluctance by lawyers to put their heads above the parapet; lack of time; a culture which blames rather than learns; and many more.

This is a short post to suggest that instead of continuing to struggle with AAL systems which aren’t taking off in your law firm, you think about piloting a personal AAL system or system of reflective learning diaries.

5 ideas to … improve your measurement systems

September & October blog posts

17 10 2012

What is the return for bespoke marketing?

Would  you like to join a research project into the value of bespoke knowledge-based marketing?

Do something … Do anything … just start improving your knowledge-sharing culture

10 bite-sized ideas to get you started with the difficult problem of improving your knowledge-sharing culture.

Generic strategies 101

A look at how Michael Porter’s generic strategies can apply to KM and law firms.

Avoiding bad decisions – strategic red flags

A look at active inertia and how to continue to adapt to gain strategic advantage.